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Atlanta Area Cholangiocarcinoma Patient Support Group


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I realize that this is specific to those living or having treatment in the Atlanta, Georgia area but wanted to help get the word out about a new support group that will be meeting at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta on the third Friday of each month beginning in April.         

It is open to cholangiocarcinoma patients and their family/caregivers and will be moderated by a member of the Emory University Social Work Team.  Support groups are a great way for patients and caregivers alike to get together and talk about issues they face in fighting the disease, dealing with treatment and coping in general.        

Here are the details:        

What:   Cholangiocarcinoma Patient & Caregiver Support Group        

Where: Emory University Winship Cancer Center, Room C3018      

The Winship Cancer Center is located at 1365-C Clifton Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30322. Click here for directions: http://www.mapquest.com/mq/7-IGP9Xkevn*uyHkksF738        

When:   Third Friday of Each Month (Starting April 16th) from 12:00noon to 1:30pm        

Contact: Leave me a comment or email me if you need further information.

  1. Joanne
    March 5, 2010 at 20:35

    What a great thing to do! I believe support groups can make a huge difference in the overall success of the treatment/healing process. Congrats on getting the word out! Good luck… I’ll be interested in knowing what kind of turnout you have.
    Hope to see you again soon!

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